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Kaleigh Shaughnessy

Executive Assistant

Kaleigh Shaughnessy, a seasoned real estate assistant with a rich background as an executive assistant, hails from the charming town of Margate, a foundation that has instilled in her a deep understanding of local dynamics and community values. With multiple years of experience in executive assistance, Kaleigh has seamlessly transitioned into the real estate domain, where her comprehensive skill set has become an invaluable asset.

Renowned for her exceptional communication skills, she excels in articulating complex real estate processes in an accessible manner, ensuring clients are always well-informed and comfortable. Kaleigh's proficiency extends to providing all-encompassing support in various aspects of real estate transactions, making her a versatile and indispensable part of any team. She is recognized not only for her problem-solving acumen, which allows her to navigate challenges with innovative solutions, but also for her ability to be fast, efficient, and an adept multitasker. Her knack for handling multiple tasks simultaneously, without sacrificing attention to detail, ensures that every project she undertakes is managed with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. Kaleigh's commitment to her role goes beyond the conventional duties of a real estate assistant; she is a trusted resource, an empathetic listener, and a guiding force, making her a sought-after collaborator in the Margate real estate community.

I worked with Joelle to list/rent my townhouse. She quickly found and vetted a new tenant and even got me more income than I asked for. Highly recommend!
C. Thomas
Linda is just amazing. We made her show us house after house for several YEARS before we finally decided.
M. Rosen
We had our condo listed for almost 2 years with another realtor before finally switching to Linda. She sold it within a few short months.
L. Palermo
They are very knowledgeable of the current market and their attention to detail has proven a track record of successful negotiations.
P. Rosenberg
I had the pleasure to work with Vincent. He was by far the most PROFESSIONAL and attentive realtor I’ve had the opportunity to work with.
W. Marshall
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